TWOHEADEDBOY is the alter ego of Austin director Amos David McKay. With nearly two decades of agency experience as a CD/AD at places like The Martin Agency, BBDO and Slingshot, overlapped with a decade’s worth of film and commercial directing experience, McKay brings two brains to every shoot. Not only concerned with nailing look and story, he also carefully considers how every choice fits into a brand’s larger narrative, who will be receiving the message and how it will be received. Adding design, edit and motion skills, his approach to making films is visually charged and uniquely well rounded. 

For McKay, preparation is everything. From meticulous boards to laborious casting, location scouting, and wardrobe and prop picking, his feeling is that when he walks on set, everything should fall perfectly into place. This, he says, allows him to go beyond the plan and get more fun stuff. 

He also loves neon. Please let him use neon.