TG Herrington

Born in New Orleans, TG spent his formative years at boarding school in Argentina. He began his career at Red Car in Hollywood editing commercials and music videos before he parlayed that experience into the director’s chair filming commercials. In 2011, he signed on to edit the action film The Mechanic, which eventually led to his first foray into directing narrative via the award winning film Mr. Okra, an official selection at both Sundance and Cannes. 


His latest feature documentary, A Tuba to Cuba, premiered at SXSW, and captures the deep roots musicians in his hometown of New Orleans share with musicians across the Gulf in Cuba. He recently finished concepting, shooting and directing Paul McCartney’s latest track Come On To Me.


A multi-faceted filmmaker with a diverse body of work, TG is known for his ability to create extraordinary stories and performances from even the most ordinary of people. He holds a strong appreciation for history and his rich southern roots, which helps him tell stories with such heart, humor and wit.

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