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Ben Tedesco’s journey to becoming a director was filled with unique, seemingly disconnected stops along the way. From pre-med and tourism classes, to writing and directing his own Kung Fu movie, Tedesco instinctively followed his childhood vision, landing him at Cannes with a directing award in hand.


Tedesco’s passion for emotional storytelling, deep knowledge of all-things production, and not-so-disconnected life experiences fuel his creative approach to directing. Always the student, he studies his characters to ensure each performance comes across as authentic as possible. His love for the process of layering all the different aspects of production elevates his vision of the client’s message. Tedesco brings his personal investment and spirit to every project for top-tier clients such as Chevrolet, Guinness, Heidi Klum Intimates and Purina. He’s currently shopping a historical mini-series that’s been two years in the making.


If you need him, he’s most likely in his kitchen, training to be the next Iron Chef.